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Our mission is to improve the lives of people who have suffered brain injuries or experienced concussions. Since every brain injury is different, our team of specialists customize each program based on the needs of the client in order to build capacity in the parts of the brain that need it most. Improved executive functioning is possible and can open a world of possibilities! Take back control of your independence! Contact us to learn more.

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We understand the recovery process!

At Watson Centre Society for Brain Health (WCSBH), we understand that living with an acquired brain injury can make it difficult to get back into the workforce — leaving those stuck in a recovery process to live on limited means and a finite amount of energy. The program offered at WCSBH brings hope to brain injury and concussion survivors who’ve been told their symptoms couldn’t improve. Our program proves that when individuals focus on rehabilitating the brain, positive change can happen — like returning to a life of independence.


Our 4 Pillar Approach

Our program, power by BEARS™, implements a four-pillared approach that is focused on improving quality of life through increasing capacities. Our approach is focused on interdisciplinary cognitive, physical and emotional healing.

Core Values

Safety, empathy, determination, collaboration and growth.


Improving the quality of life for people who have suffered brain injuries, acquired brain injuries, or concussions.


To provide programs, delivered by specialists, for the purpose of helping people with brain injury to improve and reclaim their lives to the fullest.

Proudly serving clients in the greater Vancouver area & beyond


Watson Centre Society for Brain Health has given me back, what I thought may be gone.