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What If You Could Heal Your Own Brain?

Have you or someone you know had a concussion, traumatic brain injury or an acquired brain injury and are still plagued by ongoing symptoms? Are fatigue, memory issues and planning /organizing still inhibiting your daily functions?

These symptoms, in the acute stage, are relatively normal. Natural healing can happen for up to two years after the incident. But then what? After the two-year mark, what if you are still feeling the strain of a brain injury? The current standard of care is to just live with the issues associated with your injury and/or illness and to find coping strategies to make life more manageable. The Watson Centre for Brain Health Society is challenging this approach and working hard to improve the long term outcomes.

The Watson Centre Society believes that there is a solution for people with these symptoms. We are challenging the ‘normal’ standard of care, by offering a cognitive rehabilitation program where you can train your brain to be more efficient by creating new connections (neuroplasticity). Just as you would train your body for optimal performance after a physical injury, why do not focus on brain improvement following injury? Our brain is the most important tool our bodies have, it regulates everything.

Join Mark Watson, Josh Poirier and AC Close from Watson Centre for Brain Health Society to learn how our dynamic four-pillared approach can help you live a more empowered and independent life. As far as we are aware, there is nowhere else offering such a comprehensive program. Mark and Josh will also share information including research and statistics on the Watson Centre Society Program.

If you are interested in learning how this program could help you to reach some of your goals we invite you to attend this information session.

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I am so grateful for this program. knew I needed a program that could rehabilitate my brain, not my body but there wasn’t anything out there until I found WCSBH.

Core Values

Safety, empathy, determination, collaboration and growth.


Improving the quality of life for people who have suffered brain injuries, acquired brain injuries, or concussions.


To provide programs, delivered by specialists, for the purpose of helping people with brain injury to improve and reclaim their lives to the fullest.