Improving Quality of Life for Brain Cancer Survivors

3,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with brain cancer this year, and only 24% or 720 people will survive five years.

HealthTech Connex Launches New Clinical Trial in Partnership with WCSBH

Study aims to assess neurophysiological changes in individuals with symptoms of chronic traumatic brain injury (TBI) Surrey, B.C. - In partnership

Life Interrupted: Recovering from an Acquired Brain Injury

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Imagine how you would feel if everything about your life suddenly changed – from who you are and what you

Invisible Injuries: Recovering from Concussion

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text] Molly O’Brien is no stranger to concussions. In fact, by age 23, she had already recovered from six of

New Study Suggests Cognitive Intervention Can Help People with Brain Injury

By Barbara Yaffe Good-news stories are not often associated with Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI. So, a University of British Columbia

Changes in Brain-Behavior Relationships Following a 3-month Pilot Cognitive Intervention Program for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury

An exciting new study about the long-term recovery for those with brain injury has come out! Read the abstract and

Back to Life After Severe Brain Injury – Clayton’s Story

Three years after a tragic motorcycle accident, Clayton is working to return back to life through the Watson Brain Centre

Former NHL Player a “Test Dummy” for Brain Rebuilding Therapy

Photo by Alex Tétreault and the National Observer   A National Hockey League veteran, Jamie Huscroft was a scrappy defenceman, knocked

Watson Centre Society Registration Fair

Join us on Saturday June 24th from 9-11am at Fortius Sport & Health, Burnaby B.C. for our Registration Fair! Watson Centre

What If You Could Heal Your Own Brain?

Have you or someone you know had a concussion, traumatic brain injury or an acquired brain injury and are still

North Shore Home to New Brain Injury Association

Until recently, brain injury survivors in North and West Vancouver hunting for community-based support had a long trek ahead of

Watson Centre Society for Brain Health Information Session & Grand Opening May 4th

Interested in brain health? Are you experiencing difficulty with memory, attention and/or organization because of injury or illness? Watson Centre

Segments of an Interview by Alvaro Fernandez with Mark Watson

CEO of SharpBrains, Alvaro Fernandez This 3-day web conference hosted the world’s top scientists, innovators and experts working on ways to

Take back your Life after Brain Injury or Concussion

  Are you longing for independence following a brain injury or concussion? Do you dream of “getting better”? Or maybe you’re

What a concussion looks like in the brain, on a cellular level

Scientists have captured in real-time video what happens to a brain cell after experiencing a major concussion-causing impact. The detailed video

Study: To improve brain health you need BOTH aerobic and cognitive exercise

Mental, physical exercises produce distinct brain benefits: “Cognitive brain training improves executive function whereas aerobic activity improves memory, according to new

Coming out of the dark

Not long ago, rehabilitation professionals emphasized rest in darkened rooms for clients recovering from concussion. After recent research largely discredited

North Shore home to new brain injury association

North Shore residents with brain injuries used to have to travel to GF Strong in Vancouver for support, but that

Patients with traumatic brain injuries need effective cognitive neuroscience-based therapies

Patients with traumatic brain injuries are not benefiting from recent advances in cognitive neuroscience research - and they should be,

Brain-injured patients need therapies based on cognitive neuroscience

Patients with traumatic brain injuries are not benefiting from recent advances in cognitive neuroscience research - and they should be,

New research on hockey-related brain injuries suggests recovery time may be longer than thought

As the minor hockey season shifts into playoff mode across British Columbia, there is yet more alarming medical evidence of

People with TBI have significantly more difficulty with gist reasoning

A new study reveals that individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) have significantly more difficulty with gist reasoning than traditional

Sports-related concussion in adolescents is a major public health issue

Sports-related concussion in adolescents is a major public health issue; however, little is known about the underlying changes in functional

Obama to host a White House summit on growing concerns over sports head injuries – The Washington Post

Chatting about football in the Blue Room of the White House this week with President Obama, Maria Hanes brought up

Combining whole-brain voxel-wise analysis with in vivo tractography of diffusion behavior after sports-related concussion in adolescents: a preliminary report

Abstract We have previously shown that sports-related concussion in adolescents is associated with changes in whole-brain properties of white-matter pathways.

Toronto Argonauts linebacker Shea Emry tackling his depression head-on

Shea Emry makes his living being dominant. The Toronto Argonauts middle linebacker has the brute strength to face a hulking

Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

When is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? Mindfulness

League of denial

FRONTLINE reveals the hidden story of the NFL and brain injuries. [embed][/embed]

The woman who changed her brain: Barbara Arrowsmith-Young at TEDxToronto

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is the Creator and Director of Arrowsmith School and Arrowsmith Program, and the author of the international best-selling

Head Games

Inspired by Chris Nowinski’s book Head Games, the film tells his remarkable story – how a former Ivy League football

The brain that changes itself

Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Norman Doidge, talks about an astonishing new science called neuroplasticity, which is overthrowing the centuries-old notion

Brain injury research study starts January 2016

We are inviting individuals who have had a TBI to participate in a research study to measure how the brain