Bio - Mark Watson - Watson Centre Society for Brain Health

Board of Director

Mark Watson, MA

Board Member

Brain injury, concussions and brain change have always been of interest to me. As an educator and athlete, I have always appreciated the role of rehabilitation in increasing performance. Understanding alternative learning platforms has been of interest to me since I was diagnosed with Dyslexia in elementary school.

My early experiences with education helped me develop an interest in understanding different learning profiles in more depth. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 2001 from the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. I then completed a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

My formal career in education began in 2001 with the Eaton Coull Learning Group where I worked with education professionals (district administrators, principals and teachers) to help students with learning disabilities better understand the nature of their learning differences/disabilities and then devise and implement a plan to steer around these difficulties.

Since September 2005, in my many roles at Eaton Arrowsmith, I have seen firsthand the overwhelmingly positive impact that strengthening specific neurological capacities can have in all aspects of a student’s life. As a co-director of the WCSBH, I look forward to helping to improve our clients’ cognitive functioning through our brain-strengthening program so they can lead more fulfilled and independent lives.


I am so grateful for this program. knew I needed a program that could rehabilitate my brain, not my body but there wasn’t anything out there until I found WCSBH.

Core Values

Safety, empathy, determination, collaboration and growth.


Improving the quality of life for people who have suffered brain injuries, acquired brain injuries, or concussions.


To provide programs, delivered by specialists, for the purpose of helping people with brain injury to improve and reclaim their lives to the fullest.