Study Recruitment - Watson Centre Society for Brain Health

Study Recruitment

The Watson Centre Society for Brain Health is recruiting healthy, older adults 65 years of age or older, to participate in a randomized trial looking at the impact of a 6-month cognitive training program on quality of life.

Participation involves:

  •          3 Testing sessions six months apart (Approximately 3 hours each time)

     If placed in intervention group:

  •            Six months of group-based rehabilitation, 2 days a week for 3.5 hours a day (50 sessions)
  •            Program completed online at home on a computer

Benefits of participating:

  •      Access to a renowned cognitive rehab program for no cost
  •      Help increase knowledge regarding the effect of cognitive training on older adults with mild cognitive impairment

For more information, or to register for screening:

Contact Lynnea Thorkelson


Phone:  (604) – 725 – 6634

Core Values

Safety, empathy, determination, collaboration and growth.


Improving the quality of life for people who have suffered brain injuries, acquired brain injuries, or concussions.


To provide programs, delivered by specialists, for the purpose of helping people with brain injury to improve and reclaim their lives to the fullest.