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Our 4 Pillar Approach

The Watson Centre Society for Brain Health is committed to delivering a comprehensive program for people with brain injuries or concussion(s). Our program, powered by BEARS implements a four-pillared approach that is focused on improving quality of life through increasing capacities. The WCSBH approach is focused on interdisciplinary cognitive, physical and emotional healing. 

Our program identifies areas of concern for our clients and then develops a personalized, non-invasive rehabilitation plan. With the support of our staff, comprised of certified cognitive instructors, personal trainers and clinical counsellors, we will implement individualized programs and measure the progress of our clients.

To our knowledge, no other organization is implementing programs with this level of rigour for people with brain injuries. We are excited to be serving our community and clients in this way as we believe that together we will help so many to become more independent.

How Our 4 Pillar Program Works

Physical Exercise

Helps our clients by priming their brain for the cognitive enhancement activities. The goal of the cardio based physical activities is to reach 70% of their max heart-rate fora period of 20 minutes, which can help the brain produce a natural protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) that encourages growth within the brain. Each program is individualized to meet the abilities and limitations of the client to set them up for success.

Learn more about the research on the impact of exercise for those with brain injury or concussion(s) (From Frontiers of Neuroscience).

Mindfulness Meditation

Helps our clients take control of thinking patterns, predict physical or emotional triggers and create insight. It can also help improve attention and concentration, and increase positive emotions. It is placed in the middle of our program to allow the brain to relax and refresh.

Learn more about the research behind the impact of meditation as a method to reduce stress for people with stroke or brain injury.

(Journal of Brain Injury).

Clinical Counselling

Helps our clients work through issues that could be preventing them from fully engaging in life. Increased insight is a byproduct of our program and can be a double-edged sword; on one hand clients are seeing and participating more fully in life, while on the other hand, some of this insight might be difficult to deal with or understand. Our clinical counselor can help shed light on these situations and offer guidance to overcome.

Learn more about the research on the impact of counselling for people with brain injury: Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2005 May; 86(5):851-6..

Also learn about the effect of a scheduled telephone intervention on outcome after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: a randomized trial (Physical Exercise and Rehabilitation).

Cognitive Capacity Building

This program, powered by BEARS™, helps our clients target areas within their executive functioning that may be impaired due to brain injury. This stimulates neuroplasticity in the areas of the brain most needed for energy management, problem-solving, organization, working memory, time management and much more! When each brain region is able to do the task it is meant to do effectively, it works more efficiently with less fatigue. BEARS incorporates the BrainEx™ program that has over 40 years of experience being applied in Arrowsmith Schools across the world.

In June 2015, the Watson Centre Society for Brain Health (WCSBH) with the BrainEx™ Program began a research study to measure the impact of applying our program to people living with brain injury or concussion(s). The study was conducted by Dr. Naznin Virji-Babul through the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health at the University of British Columbia. The Watson Centre Society for Brain Health team is very excited about this study and the support it has received.


The WCSBH four-pillar program has raised them to a significantly higher level, while simultaneously lowering my daily exhaustion level. It has had a huge impact on my daily life and my family’s life. Now, I am able to interact with my children more than ever before.

Core Values

Safety, empathy, determination, collaboration and growth.


Improving the quality of life for people who have suffered brain injuries, acquired brain injuries, or concussions.


To provide programs, delivered by specialists, for the purpose of helping people with brain injury to improve and reclaim their lives to the fullest.