Watson Centre Society for Brain Health is a community partner dedicated to improving the lives of people with brain injury.

As a part of the process we continue to work collaboratively with other stakeholders in our community, including healthcare professionals, legal professionals, vocational professional, insurers, and many others.


We understand that, as legal professionals, your goals are to help your clients recover and to ensure that they are treated fairly.

If you are a legal professional representing someone with cognitive difficulties due to illness or injury and are interested in inquiring about the Watson Centre Society program on behalf of your clients please contact our team at: We can arrange a meeting to further understand your client’s case and how we may be able to help. Our team has experience working with personal injury law firms and would be happy to support your client’s recovery goals.


In our experience there are many great health care agencies doing excellent work to support the acute stage of recovery for people with brain injury. Our focus is on post acute recovery. With a collaborative approach we will be able to reach better outcomes for our clients.

If you are currently working with patients who have suffered cognitive deficits due to brain injury or illness and are past the acute stage of recovery but are still motivated to increase cognitive capacity, we will work directly with you to review each patient’s recovery goals and develop a personalized assessment and program plan with our inter-disciplinary team. Simply email us at: and we will arrange a meeting and build a plan together.


If a member of your family is struggling due to the long term impacts of a brain injury and you are interested in learning more to see if Watson Centre Society may offer a suitable program for your family member please contact us at: We will arrange for a meeting with you to gain a better understanding of your family member’s candidacy for the WCBH program.