Heike Dumke MSc. Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist, RCC, RRP

Heike developed a fascination with Medicine and Psychology during her childhood and early teenage years, and in line with this fascination, has acquired extensive and varied experience in the healthcare profession through clinical and research work. Following the fall of the wall in 1989, Heike had an opportunity to move to Canada, where she pursued her interest in Psychology and was ultimately awarded an Honours degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University in 2003. Despite Heike’s interest in Psychology and neuropsychology, her continuing love of medicine directed her to study Neuroscience at the Brain Research Centre at the University of British Columbia between 2003 and 2005. She continued her educational career through studying Applied Applications in Clinical Psychology, obtaining an MSc from Leicester University in 2012.

Heike also combined her love for Psychology and Medicine clinically by working with people with brain injury since 2008, and has since then obtained two professional registrations (Registered Rehabilitation Professional; and Registered Clinical Counsellor). In 2015, Heike entered the PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.

Heike is specialized in cognitive rehabilitation therapy, which includes addressing people’s emotional difficulties from the root. Oftentimes cognitive difficulties that result from a brain injury can create emotional difficulties. However, the opposite is true as well. In other words, emotional functioning can impact a person’s cognitive functioning. Figuring out how to best address a patient’s challenges in regaining independence and thereby support emotional well-being has been an important component in her practice. She is thrilled to bring this expertise to the Watson Centre Society for Brain Health in Vancouver.