Mark Watson, MA, Board Member

Brain injury, concussions and brain change have always been of interest to me. As an educator and athlete I have always appreciated the role of rehabilitation in increasing performance. Understanding alternative learning platforms has been of interest to me since I was diagnosed with Dyslexia in elementary school.

My early experiences with education helped me develop an interest in understanding different learning profiles in more depth. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 2001 from the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. I then completed a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

My formal career in education began in 2001 with the Eaton Coull Learning Group where I worked with education professionals (district administrators, principals and teachers) to help students with learning disabilities better understand the nature of their learning differences/disabilities and then devise and implement a plan to steer around these difficulties.

Since September 2005, in my many roles at Eaton Arrowsmith, I have seen firsthand the overwhelmingly positive impact that strengthening specific neurological capacities can have in all aspects of a student’s life. As a co-director of the WCSBH, I look forward to helping to improve our clients’ cognitive functioning through our brain-strengthening program so they can lead more fulfilled and independent lives.