Josh Poirier, MSc, Executive Director

My journey towards working with individuals recovering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI), acquired brain injuries, or concussions began back in high school as I tried to outrun a defender in a rugby match.

Diagnosed with a concussion, my recovery was slow and the symptoms never really seemed to go away. I felt my coaches and teammates didn’t understand what I was dealing with, as I was encouraged to rejoin the team despite any unknown damage that might have been done to my brain.

Times are changing and we are starting to better understand both the brain and how there can be long-term side effects from sport or other impact-related head injuries, especially if the proper steps aren’t taken to ensure a safe recovery.

After graduation, I received my Masters of Science in Education (with honours) from Niagara University in Niagara Falls, New York. At Niagara, I focused on brain-related disabilities and illnesses, in relationship to specific learning disabilities.

My focus at Niagara was the perfect precursor to my work within the Arrowsmith Program, which has been unbelievably rewarding. At Eaton Arrowsmith School I have had the opportunity to work with children who face their learning disabilities head-on, in an effort to strengthen weak neurological pathways.

Our goal at the Watson Centre is to use this program to help individuals recover from concussion and TBI. My passion for education, athletics and coaching makes me beyond excited to help individuals return to lives that more closely resemble the ones they lived before their brain injuries.