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Improving Quality of Life for Brain Cancer Survivors

July 17, 2018 3,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with brain cancer this year, and only 24% or 720 people will survive five years. The disease comes with unique challenges including cognitive deficits from both the tumour and the treatment used to eradicate it. These effects have a significant, ongoing impact on survivors’ quality of life and well-being.

Researchers at BC Cancer, in collaboration with colleagues at the Watson Centre Society for Brain Health and the University of British Columbia, are seeking to test the feasibility of a multi-modal rehabilitation program in individuals with a primary brain tumour. Because cognitive issues are a common side effect of cancer treatment, this study holds the potential to improve the quality of life not only for brain cancer patients but people facing a spectrum of other cancer types as well.

Multi-Modal Rehabilitation for Brain Cancer: A Feasibility Study

This feasibility study will recruit 20 brain cancer survivors to participate in a 12-week multi-modal intervention to improve cognitive function and quality of life. Participants will attend the intervention four hours per day, five days per week at Fortius Sport & Health Facility in Burnaby, by qualified and trained staff.

Participants will be assessed at baseline, end of intervention (12 weeks) and follow-up (24 weeks) for quality of life and cognitive function. Once the feasibility of the intensive multi-modal rehabilitation approach has been determined, its efficacy will be further studied in comparison to other approaches. 

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The Brain Cancer Feasibility Study holds the potential to transform daily life for thousands of cancer survivors by improving cognition and decreasing anxiety and psychosocial distress. Your commitment to this project will demonstrate the partnership between philanthropy and excellent patient care in our province. 

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The combination of Cognitive, Physical, Counselling, and Meditation was great. I’ve never been one to even consider meditation or be open to counselling. These two aspects in particular have impacted me in a very positive way and has helped with recovery.


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