AC Close, Personal Trainer & Cognitive Assistant

AC’s quest for information to understand the brain and mental health started for her at a young age. In middle school, she was diagnosed by Howard Eaton, Co-Founder of WCSBH, as being severely dyslexic. He provided support, accommodations, and taught her how to become her own advocate. She had always been athletic growing up and turned her focus to sports during this tough time at school. This worked wonderfully, as she was recruited on a full ride field hockey scholarship to Kent State, a NCAA Division I school in the United States.

Unfortunately her university career came to a halt at the end of sophomore year, when she was hit in the face with a field hockey stick during a game and got a moderate to severe concussion. The recovery process was long and slow and she knows what the clients at WCSBH experience. She decided to move home during her recovery, and then continued on her quest for brain knowledge at UBC, studying psychology and teaching lifestyle development programs for youth with developmental disabilities. She is thrilled to be working with the team at WCSBH!