Watson Centre for Brain Health Information Session & Grand Opening May 4th

Interested in brain health? Are you experiencing difficulty with memory, attention and/or organization because of injury or illness? Watson Centre

Segments of an Interview by Alvaro Fernandez with Mark Watson

CEO of SharpBrains, Alvaro Fernandez This 3-day web conference hosted the world’s top scientists, innovators and experts working on ways to

Take back your Life after Brain Injury or Concussion

  Are you longing for independence following a brain injury or concussion? Do you dream of “getting better”? Or maybe you’re

What a concussion looks like in the brain, on a cellular level

Scientists have captured in real-time video what happens to a brain cell after experiencing a major concussion-causing impact. The detailed video

Study: To improve brain health you need BOTH aerobic and cognitive exercise

Mental, physical exercises produce distinct brain benefits: “Cognitive brain training improves executive function whereas aerobic activity improves memory, according to new

Coming out of the dark

Not long ago, rehabilitation professionals emphasized rest in darkened rooms for clients recovering from concussion. After recent research largely discredited